B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology

B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology
B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology

B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology

B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology is a 3-year regular degree program. At present Radiography is one of the most popular modern medical technologies available. This technology is used to diagnose various diseases and disorders in the human body.

This course will give students insights of how radiology and imaging technology is used for the diagnosis of various diseases and disorder in the human body.

A radiographer produces radiography of patients with the help of an X-ray to find the exact medical condition of the patient. In addition to X-ray, a radiographer also considers CT scans, ultrasounds, and MRI for producing radiography. The radiology field is broadly divided into two areas namely diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. Diagnostic Radiology is the specialization of medicine that uses the images of X-Ray and other imaging techniques to diagnose the disease and injury of the patient. Interventional Radiology is another medical specialty that also uses imaging techniques (X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound) for direction. Patients can be treated and diagnosed using minimally invasive procedures.


Scope of B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology

The need for educated and professional radiology technologists in hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices are increasing continuously. The field of radiography will be continued to show higher than average job growth into the future. After completing your degree in this field you will become Radiologist (MD), Radiology Technologists/ Radiographer, Radiology Technicians, Ultrasound Technician/ Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, MRI Technician, CT Tech/ CAT Scan Technologist/ CT Scan Technologist.
There are lucrative jobs for radiologists. Mostly, radiologists are required in hospitals.

Job Profile in Radiography:

  • Radiology Technician
  • Radiology Assistant
  • Radiologist
  • Radiology Technologist/Radiographer
  • Radiology Nurse
  • Ultrasound Technician / Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • MRI Technician
  • CT Tech / CAT Scan Technologist / CT Scan Technologist
    • Common working places where a radiologist can work:
      • Government Hospitals
      • Private Hospitals
      • Public Health Centres
      • Diagnostic Labs
      • Nursing Homes


Syllabus of B.Sc. in Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology