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The Chairman

Swami Vivekananda University

“Swami   Vivekananda    University”   got  approval under  the  West  Bengal Act  XV  of  2019-   The  Swami   Vivekananda     University   Act,2019   dated 14.11.2019   published  in the  Kolkata   Gazette vide Letter No.1196-L   Dated 14.11.2019.

Swami Vivekananda University  have   got   the   approval    for   commencing the  Academic    Programs,   Vide   Letter NoA03-L/OM-56L/2017     dated 09.12.2019   of  Higher  Education  Department  (Integrated   Law Cell), Govt. of West Bengal,  in the Newly Established  “Swami Vivekananda  University” Promoted by Regent   Education   and    Research   Foundation   Trust, Barrackpore,  West   Bengal, under   the West  Bengal Act XV of 2019-  The Swami  Vivekananda   University  Act,2019 dated 14.11.2019  published  in the Kolkata Gazette vide Letter No.1196-L Dated 14.11.2019.


Sponsoring Body

Regent Education and  Research   Foundation   (RERF), a non-profit-making trust has   been set up  to promote  the  technological  and   professional institution   of  high standards   and  to encourage  research  and training activities  so that the students, conferred to the degree  can  not only face the professional  challenges but  also  all the challenges  life has  to offer confidently.   In this era of  economic   liberalizations,  globalizations   and technological super advancement  our effort is to put  quality education  in the light of Swamiji’s  vision of spreading  education  throughout the society.

It is located at: Bara Kanthalia,   Sewli Telini Para, North 24 parganas, Barrackpore,  Kolkata, West Bengal 70012.

RERF, A NAAC Accredited Institute,  started its journey  in the year 2009.

The Proposed Swami Vivekananda  University  will be sponsored by Regent Education  and Research  Foundation (RERF), A Non Profit Making Trust.

Message from The Chairman of RERF Trust

"ATMANO MOKSHARTAM JAGADDHITAYA CHA - For one's own salvation, and for the welfare of the world."

Swami Vivekananda

On real education, he said, was  that which enabled a person to stand on his own  feet and  helped him to manifest the perfection already in him by  a harmonious  development  of   his  head,  hand  and   heart.  Therefore  the question is not  how much we have learnt but whether we have achieved the aptitude for learning. The question is still relevant in today’s era.

Swami Vivekananda University, established with an  aim  to give shape to Swami Vivekananda’s ideas of education, provides a unique opportunity for all round development.  We endeavour to see that our  students acquire a broad range of skills, love of wisdom, tolerance and  respect for  the beliefs of others and basic values  of truth and honesty.

On a finer note, Swami Vivekananda University was established with a vision to  evolve a  unique system of  education that increases the relevance of higher education. This University is committed to provide a  place where boundaries  of  subject discipline fade and  students are exposed  to a new way  of  finding comprehensive and  total solution for  exploring new ideas, expose the hidden talent of students and  create an atmosphere of research and development.

I welcome all the students who chose to be a part of this premier institution to build a responsible generation for a new nation and be a part in rebuilding India of Swamiji’s dreams.