M.Tech in Civil Engineering

M.Tech in Civil Engineering

The Master of Technology dealing the study syllabus of designing, construction, and maintenance of building, roads, bridges, dams and canal etc. Civil Engineers basically work on designing, development, maintenance, constructions, and handling projects including roads, buildings, canals, bridges, dams. There have many disciplines of Civil Engineer and would be manage all project responsibilities. Btech course in civil engineering is the best course whose students they are interested in this field. After completion of B.Tech, students can move to post graduation course in civil engineering means Mtech course in civil engineering . The programme is streamlined to give insights on the advanced process of construction planning and how to ensure efficient and timely implementation of building and construction projects. Students are imparted advanced learning in Resource Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Construction Optimisation Techniques, Procurement Management and Financial Planning & Procurement. The students are exposed to practical learning by working on real-world projects in the management lab, construction material lab, and quality practice labs integrated with the latest ICT software. The practical lab sessions require students to apply theoretical knowledge to realise their value through implementation. 

Course Duration  : 

2 Years

Eligibility Criteria : 

The basic eligibility for pursuing this course is B.Tech /B.E in Civil Engineering or equivalent stream.

Specilization Offered :

Structural Engineering :  The Structural Engineering course aims at providing Civil Engineering graduates with the advanced conceptual understanding, detailed knowledge and special technical skills appropriate for analysis and design of structures such as dams, bridges, pipelines, roads, towers and buildings, transport systems, harbors, airports and railways.

Syllabus :

Syllabus of M.Tech in Civil Engineering

Career Opportunities :

Chief Engineer

Project Manager

Division Head

Supervisory Engineer

Director of Public Works


Quality Analysts


Professor and Teachers