M.Tech in Electrical Engineering

M.Tech in Electrical Engineering

Eelectrical Engineers are also known as stationary engineers in certain countries. Electrical engineers are basically certified and technical professionals who deal with operations, renovation, machine engines maintenance, repair of boiler systems, and quality check of mechanical systems in a facility. Electrical engineers are more than just eengineers and usually work with a variety of commercial and industrial facilities. They have a responsibility to ensure that processes operate safely, equipments are well maintained, and overall management within the facility is functioning properly.

While developed countries like the U.S. and Australia have a seen a boom of students appearing for Electrical  Engineering, India too has a significant number of students opting for the course. SVU  offers an M.Tech in Electrical Engineering.  SVU is committed to bring a systematic change in the field of research & innovative capabilities. M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering is a 2- year full- time course divided into 4 semesters involving an advanced study of electrical engineering, computers, and communication, besides that of electronics, electricity, transmission, and generation. The focus of the course remains on designing and testing ICs, capacitors, inductors, and resistors. Enrolled students are taught to design electronic circuits, electric wires, computer systems and also develop control systems. Electrical Engineers fix problems associated with systems such as electric power transmission and electrical machines.

Course Duration  : 

2 Years

Eligibility Criteria : 

The basic eligibility for pursuing this course is B.Tech /B.E in Electrical Engineering or equivalent stream.

Specilization Offered :

Power System : M.Tech. Power Systems Engineering is a postgraduate electrical engineering program offering advanced specialization in power systems. The program covers related specialities such as System Analysis of Power, Planning of Stability Evaluations, Forecasting and Reliability, Power Electronics and Drives, High Voltage DC Transmission, Industrial Electronics and Controls, Wind and Solar Energy Electric Conversion System etc.

Syllabus :

Syllabus of M.Tech in Electrical Engineering(Power System)

Career Opportunities :

Shift Supervisor

Senior Application Engineer

General Manager

Assistant Manager

Electrical Engineer

Senior Engineering Manager

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Software Engineer

Senior Product Manager