M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering  is a post graduation course which deals with the study of mechanics, Kinematics, Statics, Material Science, Thermodynamics used in construction, development and installation of tools and machines Mechanical  are concerned with planning, designing, maintaining and controlling all the activities for the production of the products in the organization. The main purpose of the Mechanical/Production Engineers is to increase the productivity of the products by and maintain its optimum quality by adopting integrated design and efficient planning.Students have opportunities to be involved in projects in the areas of Design and Analysis of Mechanisms, Design of Macro, Micro and Nano-systems, Thermal Analysis of Systems and Structural Analysis of Complex Systems.

Course Duration  : 

2 Years

Eligibility Criteria : 

The basic eligibility for pursuing this course is B.Tech /B.E in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent stream .

Specilization Offered :

Manufacturing Technology : This program focuses on the requirements of the manufacturing industry embracing the areas of production, planning and control, design, materials, processes and quality control. The curriculum has been framed drawing course contents from traditional fields such as materials and processes, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, and management. The syllabus for various courses has been designed in general to introduce the application of analytical and quantitative methods in manufacturing and to train the students to develop skills in the utilization of the modern tools such as simulation, optimization, statistical data analysis, and finite element analysis. During the course of study, the students will acquire knowledge and skills to solve practical problems encountered in manufacturing.

Syllabus :

Syllabus of M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering(Manufacturing Technology)

Career Opportunities : 

Manufacturing Manager

Project Manager

Sales Engineer

Senior Engineer


Factory Head

Design Engineer Manager

Service Maintenance Engineer

Project Manager

Safety Officer